The Power of Cashflow Forecasting in Divorce

By: Tamsin Caine
Director of Financial Planning
Smart Financial

Other areas cashflow modelling can be used in divorce include:

  • Challenging Duxbury (the way in which courts and lawyers calculate capitalised maintenance)
  • Working out whether to top up state pensions
  • Looking forward to the next chapter.

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Fiona Sharp is a Chartered Financial Planner who has specialised in Financial Planning on Separation and Divorce since 2002, She works alongside lawyers, mediators and family consultants to help navigate clients through the financial aspects of divorce, including pension sharing, asset division and cashflow planning.

Fiona holds the Specialist Accreditation and is an examiner for Resolution.

Tamsin Caine and Fiona Sharp share their thoughts about using cashflow modelling as a powerful tool to help clients going through separation and divorce; a key area of focus for them both. Even if it’s seen as not useful for helping the client, it is useful to inform the Financial Planner and Lawyers.

Cashflow can help demonstrate to lawyers:
  • How a settlement might work for their clients.
  • How they might make small changes to improve things for their clients.
  • How they can help clients understand the offer being made to them.
  • How cashflow provides clarity and peace of mind.
  • How the graphical images may only be important to the half the couple. Usual the one without previous financial responsibility.

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