A succession story: the highs, the lows and the lessons

Jo LIttle
Emery Little
Rebecca Timms
Emery Little
Alfie Mullan
Emery Little

Two years ago, Jo Little, Alfie Mullan and Rebecca Timmins completed a management buyout at Emery Little following a lengthy handover. It wasn’t all smooth sailing; there were highs and lows along the way and the team have learnt plenty of lessons.

While some of the lessons have been difficult, they’ve all been useful and instrumental in shaping Emery Little’s approach to culture, clients, people and processes. Jo, Alfie and Rebecca will share the key points in this session.

If you’re contemplating change in your business or career, their experience of the highs, the lows and finding a way through them, could be the inspiration you need.

Learning outcomes

  • Tips on avoiding some of the lows and acting on the lessons you learn
  • You’ll hear examples of how to build resilience through highs and lows
  • You’ll build on your understanding of the role of culture and leadership in succession situations