Adviser Pain Point: Niche! If you talk to everyone you talk to no one

Rob Schwarz
Scott Millar
Tommie Hoban
Tommie Hoban
Carrie Bendall, POWER Head of Content

Join Financial Planners Rob & Scott as they explore why nailing your niche market is so important with this month’s guest Tommie Hoban.

Tommie left professional football in 2021 at the age of 28 to become a financial planner. Now he helps others like himself plan for life after sport.

This trio of Financial Planners will talk about how, when you know your specific target client so well, everything else falls into place. It becomes easy for you to be an expert in your niche, communication can be precisely targeted and client referrals happen faster.

Learning points:

  • Why specialising in a niche market makes it easier to win new clients that you will love working with
  • How to communicate why financial planning is so important to those who don’t know about it yet
  • What you can do to start developing your own niche market and specialist subject.