Adviser Pain Point: Prospering as a Financial Planner

Rob Schwarz, First Wealth
Scott Millar, First Wealth
David Scarlett
David Scarlett, The Soul Millionaire
Carrie Bendall, POWER Head of Content

This month Rob & Scott talk to David Scarlett, founder of Soul Millionaire, executive coach to financial advisers, author and poet. David’s latest book is The Flight of the Soul Millionaire. For Radical Financial Advisers Who Dare To Soar. Before becoming an executive coach, David was a fee-based financial planner.

Some of the most common, painful problems brought to David by advisers in over 20 years of coaching have been:

  • They feel consumed, stressed, on a treadmill
  • Revenue is fine, profits are fearfully thin
  • They tolerate client relationships they don’t enjoy
  • They’d love to make a greater difference to clients
  • They’ve hit a ceiling. Yet want to help more clients
  • There is a lack of fulfilment, meaning and fun.

In this session, Rob & Scott will be exploring with David how you can cure these problems by bringing a coaching mindset to your client relationships.

Once you develop and apply this coaching skill, you will enjoy:

  • Happier clients
  • Higher fees
  • More referrals
  • More ideal clients
  • More time. Less stress
  • A more passionate team.