Are You Walking Your Talk?

Brett Davidson, Founder FP Advance

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You help your clients live their best life by getting them organised and feeling confident about the future.

But who does that for you?

Are you a role model for your clients and your team when it comes to a life well-lived?

There’s always a gap between your public face and reality; there’s no need to feel awkward about that. However, if that gap gets too big it can become a credibility issue.

Great financial planners work hard at minimising the gap and walking their own talk. That’s one of the keys to their success. Clients want to work with advisers who have got their own life in good shape.

In this webinar, Brett Davidson shows you how to improve your own wellbeing, whilst looking after your clients and making a bigger impact.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn why you and your business are effectively one entity – not two
  • Discover three simple areas to focus on when you’re trying to identify the constraints in your business
  • Find out the payback from closing the credibility gap between your public face and your lived reality.