Attract clients who are fulfilling, fascinating and fun – Part 1

David Scarlett
David Scarlett, Soul Millionaire

Way back in his own career as a financial adviser, executive coach David Scarlett learned what he describes as his “most valuable lesson in marketing strategy”. This was to focus on one type of client. In David’s case they were all software consultants.

Within 18 months, David’s expert knowledge of the IT sector had boosted his reputation amongst a dozen IT recruitment firms, all of whom referred him to their many clients. David received a minimum of two referrals every week!

In this webinar, David demonstrates why less is more and how narrowing his focus led to a massive opportunity.

Learning outcomes

  • Discover the Science of Attraction – between you and your ‘favourite’ clients
  • Engage with clients who will nit-pick less… and pay you more
  • Enjoy clients who appreciate – and praise – your work with them
  • Appreciate the 10 reasons why this focus makes life easier and more fulfilling.