Attract clients who are fulfilling, fascinating and fun – Part 2

David Scarlett
David Scarlett, Soul Millionaire

In Part 1 of this Webinar series, David introduced the strategy that led him to move from:

  • a struggling adviser, working from a dingy attic in Kings Cross, London, to…
  • building a thriving 5-Adviser firm… receiving a minimum of two referrals every week!

By focusing on a particular type of client with the IT sector, he boosted his firm’s reputation as the UK’s #1 specialist advisers in this business market.

In Part 2, David continues to drill down into the science behind this efficient, effective and enjoyable way of building a successful business. Demonstrating why ‘Less is Definitely More!’.

Learning outcomes

  • Uncover the remarkable truth behind the problems clients bring to you
  • Appreciate how to become more attractive to professional introducers
  • Examine which elements of this strategy have multiplied other Financial Advisers’ recurring fees-per-client
  • Understand how this Ideal-Client focus can more powerfully transform clients’ lives – and yours.

Watch part 1 here …