Automate the Tedious, Focus on What Matters

George Cooper
George Cooper Founder of AdviceFlow

Process automation holds the promise of lifting much of the day-to-day drudgery personal finance professionals face. Saving hours of non-client facing time. Yet many personal finance profession tools fall short, offering limited functionality that prevents firms from creating automated processes and workflows that reflect how they operate.

In this webinar George discusses process automation approaches and how firms can create workflows that deliver significant efficiency gains. The crucial role of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) in creating seamless, integrated workflows and how firms can begin leveraging this technology. 

George covers practical examples and case studies where firms have automated front and back-office processes, as well as technology trends firms can expect to see.

Discover how you can automate routine tasks, improve efficiency, and focus more on client interactions.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the fundamental principles and benefits of process automation in our profession
  • Understand what APIs are and how they enable process automation
  • Explore real-life applications and benefits of automating routine advisory tasks

Understand future technologies and trends in process automation to stay ahead.