Back of a Napkin Financial Plan

David Jones
Head of the UK & Ireland Advisor Group, Dimensional Fund Advisors
Blair Anderson
Blair Anderson
Regional Director
Dimensional Fund Advisors

This session is aimed at helping financial advisers communicate their value through the use of heuristics, simple calculations and sketches (on the back of a napkin) to illustrate the importance of Financial Planning.

Designed to model a real-life conversation with a client or prospect, we will demonstrate how concepts such as

  • ‘knowing your number’
  • ‘understanding risk’ and
  • ‘why you should expect a return’

can be positioned in a real-life interaction with a client or prospect and form the basis of a back of a napkin financial plan.

The presentation will be run by David Jones, Head of the UK & Ireland Advisor Group and Blair Anderson, Regional Director at Dimensional Fund Advisors.

Learning outcomes:

  • How to communicate the value of Financial Planning with simple stories and sketches
  • How to position Financial Planning concepts in real-life interactions with clients and prospects
  • How to guide clients to make better financial decisions and maintain a more disciplined approach to investing.