Cashflow Modelling from a Practitioner’s Perspective

Graham Ponting, Clearwater Wealth Management
Alasdair Walker, Handford, Aitkenhead & Walker
Ricky Chan, IFS Wealth & Pensions

Wednesday 1st July 2020

Practitioners Graham Ponting, Alasdair Walker, and Ricky Chan, users of Prestwood Truth, Voyant and CashCalc respectively, shared:

  • Why they started using cashflow modelling.
  • How they use it with clients.
  • How they develop their assumptions, and
  • The benefits it has brought to their business.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand how three planners using different software operate cashflow modelling
  • What does cashflow specifically help identify/quantify
  • How does cashflow modelling support capacity for loss assessment
  • What is the most powerful element of cashflow modelling for clients.

Catch up on the webinar:

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