Coaching; driving improved wellbeing for clients

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60 Minutes

Chris Budd, Founder and Chairman of Ovation Finance and Jan Bowen-Nielsen, Founder and Managing Director of Quiver Management.

In this 60-minute webinar, we explore financial coaching as a complementary activity to traditional financial advice and start to examine client needs and technological trends, that underpin the need for advisers to improve their interpersonal skills.

Learning objectives

During this webinar you will;

• gain a better understanding of what coaching is and the benefits of using coaching conversation techniques as a financial adviser

• explore the opportunities that coaching can create for advisers including; better client outcomes, new income streams and stronger business

• learn purposeful listening and observation techniques that can be used to improve understanding of clients’ needs and motivations

• receive guidance on how to apply high-quality questioning to help increase clients’ self-awareness and facilitate their thinking and decision making