Cutting Through the Noise: ESG and Investor Behaviour

Matching Clients’ Needs and Values with Sustainability Investing

Steven Greenfield
Regional Director & Vice President, Dimensional

In a recent survey of UK based advisory firms, the most prevalent discussion topics requested were those of ESG and additionally, Investor Behaviour, Advisers often tell us that their clients feel uncertain about the level and type of information related to sustainability and ESG, and how this makes it difficult to make decisions that are best for those client’s needs, and values. This session will;

  • examine behavioural aspects of individual decision making toward sustainability investing.
  • explore some of the motivations of individual investors for considering sustainability in their decisions and
  • offer insight into how, as communicators, we may help investors make decisions that match their own goals.
  • explore the research into decision making, and use practical examples to help investors think about their ESG related choices.

Participants will learn a selection of the key findings from the research into investor behaviour, in addition to practical considerations which can help clients cut through the noise of ESG investing.