Digging deeper with cashflow

Michael Pashley
Michael Pashley Practical Financial Exams

Earlier this year, Michael demonstrated how Financial Advisers can use basic spreadsheet skills to produce simple, effective, and colourful cashflow models. Perfect for helping to evidence the suitability of straightforward income and growth recommendations. You can access more information and the recording here https://pfspower.org/webinars/how-to-produce-simple-deterministic-cashflow-models-in-excel/

In this more advanced session Michael will build on the content covered in the original webinar, showing you how to dig deeper to create more innovative, flexible, and dynamic cashflow models. Attendees have the chance to shape the content of this session by voting in a LinkedIn Poll.

Learning Outcomes: OPTION A – PENSIONS FOCUS

By the end of the session, you will be able to:

  • Include the State Pension and other guaranteed income sources within cashflow models.
  • Incorporate the Lifetime Allowance tax charge at age 75 into cashflow models, comparing phased vs full drawdown.
  • Model “real” as opposed to “nominal” figures.
  • Evaluate inflation and taxation assumptions.

Learning Outcomes: OPTION B – SKILLS FOCUS

By the end of the session, you will be able to:

  • Use cell references and more advanced formulae to develop tidier, better-quality spreadsheets.
  • Effectively and compliantly annotate and explain cashflow models within suitability reports.
  • Document the justification of assumptions within cashflow models and stress tests.

This is an excellent investment of time for those who want to develop their cashflow modelling skills, not only to create their own models on Excel, but to understand the mathematical principles underpinning cashflow software packages.

If you would like to vote for OPTION A – PENSIONS FOCUS or OPTION B – SKILLS FOCUS now, you can message Carrie Bendall through this contact form https://pfspower.org/contact-us/