Financial Planning in 2024: Evolving Fees and Income Streams

Wednesday 14th February 2024, 10am

Sam Tate
Sam Tate, New World

In this second POWER Webinar in 2024, Financial Planning Practitioner Sam Tate delves further into the evolving financial advice landscape and examine the changing dynamics of charging for financial planning.  Sam also explores the benefits of innovative approaches to introducing new income streams, aiming to onboard a more diverse demographic.

Learning points:

  • Reviewing our Unique Selling Proposition (USP) in 2024
  • Scrutinising traditional remuneration methods in the face of emerging competition
  • Evaluating the competitive landscape, identifying threats, and turning them into opportunities
  • Delving into charging strategies that resonate with a fresh audience
  • Unveiling the advantages of embracing a diversified income stream approach.