Financial Planning Trends You Simply Can’t Ignore in 2022

David Scarlet, Founder, CEO, Soul Millionaire

The world of Financial Planning is evolving. And it’s doing so in a most profound way.

What’s now emerging is a wave of Advisers, Planners and Leaders who have a different reason and intent in applying their professional Financial Planning skills. They’re driven by a completely different ‘WHY?’.

To start reshaping this industry, they’re adopting new perspectives, new mindsets and new skills. New trends. And 2022 will see those trends creating transformative results that will become the new industry benchmark.

The question is… are you aware what that benchmark looks like?

In this Webinar we’ll examine:

  • The 4 trends that rewrite the rules for what Great Financial Planning looks like.
  • Why embracing these trends has the power to multiply your best intentions and smartest strategies.
  • The impact of ignoring these trends. And why clinging to Financial Adviser traditions will limit your team’s client relationships, productivity and enjoyment.
  • The correlation between these 4 trends, your referability and your fees.