Finding Your Niche

Brett Davidson, Founder FP Advance

If you want to crack your marketing and lead-generation wide open, you’ve got to promote yourself as a niche driven expert. General claims of “I can do whatever you need” just don’t resonate.

Let’s be honest, generalists are scary. If you were ill with a dread disease you wouldn’t seek out a medical generalist, would you? You’d be finding the go-to expert in your particular affliction.

The same is true for clients seeking financial advice.

In this webinar, Brett Davidson shows you how to identify the niche or niches that you already know and serve, positioning yourself as a specialist. Then you can watch the leads come flying in.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn why you must have a clear niche (or niche’s) if you want to market yourself effectively
  • Discover three business benefits of going niche
  • Find out how to identify the biggest pain points your clients are facing and how you can turn them into marketing gold.