First Meetings: Tilting the Odds of Success

David Swanwick
David Swanwick, Head of Client Communications for EMEA, Dimensional Fund Advisors Ltd

The first meeting advisers host with a prospect is critical to them deciding to become clients. How can advisers tilt the odds of success in their favour in the earliest interactions with these prospects?

In this session, David Swanwick, Dimensional’s EMEA Head of Client Communications, will explore how advisers can use a simple and robust communications framework in order to demonstrate their value and build genuine personal trust. The session will also consider the importance of deep thinking on client experience, and offer ideas to move the needle from good to great.

Learning outcomes

  • How to set up the whole client experience for the first meeting with your prospect
  • What effective communication can look like in this first meeting
  • Why it helps to build trust and turn the prospect into a client at the first meeting.