From financial advice to transformative financial planning – Part 1

Wednesday 1st March 2023, 10am

David Scarlett
David Scarlett
Soul Millionaire

There seems to be almost as many views on the differences between Financial Advice and Financial Planning as there are practitioners of both skills!

Which means that too many are left confused about making the transition from one skillset to the other.

Fuelling that confusion is a weighty backpack of emotion, entrenched views and years of invested pride.

Until today!

Because now there’s fresh, innovative, liberating thinking emerging.

This workshop is designed to show that fresh thinking.

Learning outcomes:

  • Explain why Financial Advice is far more a historical mindset… than a strategy
  • Articulate why holding on to that mindset traps advisers and leaders in outmoded, unhelpful behaviour
  • Discuss why this behaviour tends to be so enticing, exciting and extensive; so powerful and pervasive
  • Examine the possibility of an approach to this profession which is far more influential, fulfilling… and profitable!