From financial advice to transformative financial planning – Part 2

David Scarlett
David Scarlett
Soul Millionaire

The reality we face in this business sector is that the world has moved on far more quickly than our education and historical habits.

Today’s clients have changed their minds:

  • About what ‘excellence’ looks like
  • About which influences they’ll pay attention to, and why
  • About what they love (and don’t) about advisers in different professions
  • About wanting to be really heard (rather than ‘talked at’)

Fortunately, you can learn how to go beyond their expectations.

You can learn how to surprise and delight your clients.

But first we need to change what we see as the purpose of our role!

We need to move from Financial Advice (focused on financial solutions) to Financial Planning (focused on outcomes in clients’ lives).

Learning outcomes:

  • List the 7 behaviours – and outcomes – which demonstrate that you ‘get’ Financial Planning
  • Discuss the first steps in making the transition from Financial Advice
  • Explain why taking these steps makes your role far more influential, meaningful and fulfilling
  • Examine those skills which equip you to lift horizons, increase hope and change lives: your clients’, your colleagues’… and yours.