Going on your own – Part One

Getting in and getting qualified

Neil Parker
Joslin Rhodes

Are you looking for a career in financial advice / financial planning?

Do you know what you want to be, and the qualifications needed to get there?

Are you struggling to find an opening?

Chicken and egg – can’t get the experience, clients and qualifications without a role and can’t get a role without experience, clients and qualifications!?

In this webinar, Neil Parker looks at how to create yourself an opportunity to get into the profession and looks at the many and varied roles and skills needed to deliver a comprehensive financial planning service to clients. Neil will share his own experiences of coming from outside the profession and getting a foothold.

Learning outcomes

  1. Understand the make-up of different types of roles and firms in the financial advice / planning profession
  2. Learn about the options available for getting yourself qualified
  3. Recognise the different routes available for getting yourself into the profession