Grow the Pie

Tuesday 13th February 2024, 11am

Brett Davidson
Brett Davidson
FP Advance

What’s the difference between firms that grow and prosper vs those that seem to work just as hard, but don’t grow?

Most firms are focused on short-term profitability, whilst failing to increase the fundamental profit potential of the organisation (which requires a different focus).

The quality firms that go on to be multi-million-pound businesses are doing two things:

  1. Accepting that growth is inevitable

So, they’re learning how to manage growth – not resisting it.

  1. Laying foundations for the future

Working on projects that make the business better in addition to business-as-usual work which takes up 90% of their time.

Brett Davidson, founder of FP Advance walks you through how to grow the pie faster by working on the issues that will move the needle in your business.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn the six key areas to focus on for sustainable business growth.
  • Discover how the best businesses choose their next priority to focus on.
  • Hear how successful business owners carve out the time necessary to work on their most important medium and long-term projects.