How to Avoid Financial Advice Going Wrong

Philippa Hann
Philippa Hann
Philippa Hann Consulting

Last year the Financial Service Compensation Scheme paid out £400 million to consumers on the receiving end of poor product-based financial advice. So, what is it that can go so wrong?

In this POWER Webinar, Litigator Philippa Hann leads us through some of the financial advice scandals that many good advice firms got caught up in by recommending products that would eventually fail their clients. From Keydata and Arch Cru to London Capital and Finance and British Steel Pension transfers, some good advisers ended up on the wrong side of complaints. 

Philippa outlines some of the red flags that appeared and, when not understood, led those advisers to recommend things they would later regret. She also describes why providing comprehensive financial planning to the consumers affected could have prevented things going so wrong.

Learning objectives: 

  • Understand the problems which arose around some of the biggest miss selling stories of the last two decades
  • Consider what may have led those good financial advisers to act the way they did
  • Examine what red flags you might wish to look out for in your firm
  • Learn why financial planning is one of the greatest ways to support clients through to financial success.