How to Build Your Perfect Support Team

Brett Davidson, Founder FP Advance

If you’re any good as a financial planner, you attract more clients. Next thing you know, everything except your client work becomes the priority.

Now you need to start assembling a team around you.

It doesn’t matter if you want to build a small and beautifully formed lifestyle business or if you want to build an empire; you’ve got to have a great support team.

They can be outsourced or in-house, working from home or working in your office; that’s not the important bit.

What matters most is, “Can they do the job?”

In this webinar,  Brett Davidson, founder of FP Advance shows you where most firms get team building wrong and how you can avoid those painful missteps on your own business journey.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Discover four things that almost every business owner gets wrong when it comes to building their team
  2. Learn how to overcome each of those errors

Find out how the most successful financial planning firms approach team building (and it’s easy to copy)