How to develop a clear investment philosophy and why it matters

Wednesday 9th March 2022, 10 am

David Jones Head of the UK & Ireland Advisor Group, Dimensional Fund Advisors
Derek Walpole
Derek Walpole Regional Director in Dimensional’s Global Client Group

Whether your approach to investing is active, passive or a combination of both, developing a clear investment philosophy based on tried and tested principles will allow planners to make investment decisions that are consistent, robust, and defensible.

In this webinar David Jones, Dimensional’s Head of UK and Ireland Advisor Group, and Regional Director in its Global Client Group, Derek Walpole will evaluate the foundational ideas that underpin the creation of an investment philosophy and present the case for a scientific, evidence-based approach to investing client assets.

This workshop is designed to deliver the following learning outcomes:

  • Understand the principles that underpin an evidence-based approach to investing
  • Discuss the difference between signal and the noise in the data
  • Demonstrate the practical implementation of an investment philosophy in making investment choices or answering client questions