How to Develop Fruitful Partnerships with Other Professionals

Philippa Hann
Philippa Hann
Philippa Hann Consulting

Professional connections are often an untapped growth opportunity. Indeed, 80% of UK professional services firms say they could materially increase the number of clients they refer to other professionals. 

Many financial planning firms could be missing out on ideal, warm introductions from lawyers, accountants, and corporate finance boutiques. These referrals are more likely to be high-net-worth individuals with complex affairs, already used to delegating to professionals and who are ready to engage in financial planning. 

In this webinar, Philippa Hann explores why lawyers and accountants often lack the data and processes to identify and pre-empt their clients’ personal financial planning needs, why they struggle to commercialise referrals, and/or integrate referrals into their client proposition and may also be unsure of the rules governing referrals and collaboration with FCA-regulated entities. In addition, they may fear feeling like they have ‘lost control’ of their clients. 

The key to developing fruitful partnerships with these professionals lies in the process you can put in place to earn their trust and rely on you with complete confidence. 

Learning objectives: 

At the end of this session, you will understand

  • The scope for attracting new clients to your business through other professionals
  • The barriers that may currently be preventing professionals referring clients
  • How you can help professionals overcome those barriers
  • How to drive effective collaboration between you and your professional referrers.