How To Get Your Business In Flow

Brett Davidson
Brett Davidson
FP Advance

Most owner-advisers are not as organised as they could be and it has flow on effects across the business.

When you are ‘in flow’, your team and your business will be in flow behind you.

A fish stinks from the head – so if you’re disorganised or flying by the seat of your pants your team will be too. That will frustrate you and them.

Typically, it’s the owner of the business who is the handbrake to growth.

In this webinar, Brett Davidson, founder of FP Advance will show you how to get yourself organised so you and your team can focus on the most important projects.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Learn how your disorganisation impacts the rest of your business.
  1. Discover an effective tool kit of actions you can take to quickly resolve this issue.

Get some practical tips on the different time management systems and why they are probably not the answer to your personal organisation issues.