How to Grow Your Brand on Social Media

Tamsin Caine
Tamsin Caine
Director of Financial Planning, Smart Financial, Smart Divorce
Karen Webber
Karen Webber
Ethical Marketing Coach, Strategist & Trainer, Goodness Marketing
Katya Willems
Instagram Coach, Easyinstamcr

Over the past 12 months, Financial Planner, Tamsin Caine has gone on a real journey marketing herself and her brand. In this webinar, Tamsin introduces us to two of the most influential ladies in that journey to show us why we should bother with social media, where to post and what to post.

This is a practical session, so be prepared with a pen and notebook!

Learning points:

  • The marketing value of know, like, trust
  • Identifying your ideal audience
  • Identifying the best social media channels for your business
  • What creates engaging social media content for your business or personal brand