How to make an impactful LinkedIn profile – Part 1

Asger Lindholdt, Ph.D
Personal Business Coach, Keynote Speaker & LinkedIn Trainer
Sarah Elson
Sarah Elson
Director & Certified Financial Planner, Berry & Oak

Asger Lindholdt takes us through the most important things to get a great LinkedIn profile set up so that it stands out, attracts visitors and increases the likelihood of converting potential clients. The webinar will be interactive with a mix of theory and exercises so that you can work on your profile during the session.

Here are some of the things Asger will cover:

  • Tagline – developing an interesting hook to reel in potential clients and interesting people
  • Headshot photo – How to ensure you have a good photo
  • Banner – How to get a great looking banner even you are not a tech savy person
  • Contact info
  • Featured section – what to put here
  • About section – Making it about your visitors and ideal clients
  • Experience – what to put in and leave out
  • Education – what to put
  • Recommendations – how to get them

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