How to network on LinkedIn – Part 3

Asger Lindholdt, Ph.D
Personal Business Coach, Keynote Speaker & LinkedIn Trainer
Sarah Elson
Sarah Elson
Director & Certified Financial Planner, Berry & Oak

In this 3rd and final workshop Asger Lindholdt focuses on how to do all the work that takes place behind the scenes which is all the networking. In order to become successful and leverage many of the advantages LinkedIn has to offer it is a must to network and not only put out great content. The webinar will be interactive with exercises, questions and dialogue. 

Here is some of the content Asger will cover:

  • How to approach people on LinkedIn – the right way to send a LinkedIn request
  • Who should you connect with?
  • How to get in touch with people who might not reply to you or find you interesting at first instance
  • Developing a winning direct message script
  • Using video to connect with and stand out
  • How to set up a coffee meeting and how to run a successful coffee meeting
  • Developing a networking strategy
  • Putting in the work and playing the long game