Implementation fees are a barrier to doing business, or are they?

Brett Davidson
Brett Davidson, FP Advance

There’s a lot of industry chatter about implementation fees.

Many good financial planning firms have just waived them entirely, in the belief that this makes it easier for clients to onboard and start generating recurring revenue for the business.

Plenty of other businesses are still charging percentage-based implementation fees.

What should advisers make of all this and what should they do for the best? In this webinar, Brett Davidson looks at whether implementation fees are a barrier to doing business and shows you a range of strategies to fit your type of business model.

Learning outcomes

  • Learn why so many firms are thinking harder about the implementation fee issue.
  • Discover why simply waiving implementation fees might be short-sighted and how you can resist the trend.
  • Find out what the smartest firms are doing as they address this tricky topic.