Innovate to thrive

Brett Davidson
Brett Davidson, Founder FP Advance

The next generations of potential customers are not interested in consuming financial planning in the way that we currently offer it and almost none of the best financial planning firms are responding to the threat in a meaningful way.

When the demographics that have driven the financial planning boom end, and that’s not far off, financial planning as we know it will be under huge pressure. Not because it’s bad, but simply because new innovative offerings will meet client needs in a range of financial areas without the huge expense.

In this webinar, Brett Davidson founder of FP Advance, looks at the gathering headwinds in financial planning and provides a method for helping owner-advisers pick up on the signals of change, so they can be adapting now.

Learning outcomes:

  • Learn why a “wait and see” approach can be just as risky as going too early when it comes to innovation.
  • Discover the way forward thinking businesses identify change signals in the marketplace. (Spoiler alert: You can do it too)
  • Find out how you can be innovating and evolving right now, positioning yourself for a bright future, while your competitors are holding onto the status quo.