Keeping Your Clients On Track

Brett Davidson, Founder FP Advance

You’ve created and implemented the client’s financial plan. Your biggest challenge now is keeping them from wandering off the path or losing their nerve along the way.

What takes clients off track?

  • Stockmarket crashes
  • Economic recessions
  • Poor investment returns
  • Government rule changes
  • Major political and/or economic turmoil

However, these events should never take you by surprise. They come around like clockwork throughout your career.

In this webinar, Brett Davidson, founder of FP Advance teaches you some powerful ways to communicate to clients before, during and after a crisis so you can keep your clients’ plans on track.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn why clients can be taken off course by events that are outside of your control
  • Discover how to prepare yourself and your business ahead of time, so that you’re never taken by surprise when the next crisis erupts
  • Find out how the most successful financial planning firms communicate brilliantly to help their clients stay the course