Let’s talk about Financial Planning and Diversity

Women have more financial power than ever before, with more than 60% of the UK’s wealth expected to be in their hands by 2025. As this wealth among women grows, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that financial planners and our businesses need to adapt to better cater to female priorities. According to a report by WealthiHer, almost 3/4 of women believe men have different investment attitudes and styles.

Gretchen will talk about how we can all look to reframe the language we use when talking about financial planning to attract more women to enter the profession and our firms and ultimately to attract more women to get financial advice.

She will also explore some of the deep rooted, bigger cultural issues that impact women’s confidence when making decisions about money, their career and taking professional advice. How can we all help improve and change this for our potential future clients, colleagues and the next generation?

Gretchen also has thoughts and information to share with you all about other diversity and inclusion matters such as race, age, sexual orientation and disability.

During this session you will:

  • Gain an understanding about the shift in wealth and balance of power to women which is predicted by 2025 and why we need to consider a change in our profession to service this.
  • Learn how to reframe the language we use when talking about financial planning to attract more women into the profession, into our firms and to seek financial advice.
  • Understand some of the key problems and confidence issues women have which affect both choosing financial planning as a career or in seeking financial advice
  • Be encouraged to consider and understand the need to embrace other diversity and inclusion matters both in our firms and to improve engagement with clients of the future
  • Understand how you can embrace and implement positive change around diversity and inclusion in your financial planning offering.