New clients can’t find you and how to fix it

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Brett Davidson
Brett Davidson
FP Advance

Is financial planning a high touch, concierge-style service? Or is it just really difficult to access?

Your competition is the big brands, with automated sales funnels and slick marketing systems that can get them in front of people through a variety of channels. Deep pockets and the latest technology is allowing them to start sweeping up the market, from low to ultra-high net worth clients.

Yet, you know that you’re better than many of these brands in what you deliver for clients. So why do they control the lion’s share of the wealth management marketplace?

The truth is, new prospective clients can’t find you.

In this webinar Brett shows you two powerful strategies for making your financial planning firm stand out in a crowding market.

Learning outcomes

  • Learn why finding you is like finding a needle in a haystack for most new prospective clients.
  • Discover how to dramatically increase you rate of referred work by solving a few problems for anyone seeking advice.
  • Get access to seven free downloadable tools that you can use to transform the way clients find you in the marketplace.