POWER Talks to next gen influencer, next gen client and next gen planner

Laura Whateley
Influencer, Journalist & Award-winning Author
Will Robins
Financial Planning Client & Editor, New Model Adviser
Alfie Mullan
Chartered Financial Planner &
Co-founder of Eelah Limited

All our guests are ‘millennials’ in their 30s and sound advocates of the life changing powers of Financial Planning

Influencer and author, Laura Whateley first started learning about personal finance when she started her first proper job on the money desk of The Times newspaper in October 2008. She became The Times’ consumer champion for nine years answering readers’ money and consumer affairs problems. She quickly realised her contemporaries, those most in need of financial help, weren’t seeking it. Laura decided to write a book: Money: A User’s Guide a handbook to the basics of personal finance aimed at millennials and Gen Z. All the stuff Laura had wished she’d known in her early 20s. The book went viral and became a Sunday Times bestseller. A Youtuber age 19 Tweeted, “I will never understand why schools don’t teach you stuff like this” another said, “I should have read this instead of – – – – – – – Hamlet!”

Will Robins, Editor of New Model Adviser, and his wife sought Financial Planning help in 2018 when they chose to fund IVF treatment. His Planners Alfie Mullan and Jo Little took them though George Kinder’s three questions, an income and expenditure analysis and a ‘have to’, ‘ought to’ and ‘want to’ exercise. Will describes this ‘life planning’ as having a ‘revelatory power’. The questions which, were often simple prompts, Will describes as game changing … that is the skill of the financial life planner, helping you work out what you want and what you don’t want from life. Will and Katy welcomed Jasper into their lives in September 2019. Although Will says they would have found a way to afford IVF without Financial Planning, having a plan and working as a team allows you to “step up, step forward, and make the hardest of decisions more bearable.”

Chartered Financial Planner, Alfie Mullan is the co-founder of Eelah: a game-changing firm in London specialising in working with young tech entrepreneurs. At age 24, Alfie was struck by an experience, which radically transformed the way he thought about life, business and money. Now he combines expertise in Financial Planning and Coaching to help clients and his team truly live their best lives and fulfil their dreams. 

Learning objectives:

  • Find out more about the Millennial and Gen Z audience Laura seeks to influence.
  • Learn about Financial Planning from a client’s perspective: how it gave Will and Katy a sense of achievement and peace of mind.
  • Hear about the Financial Planning process Alfie and his co-founder, Jo have developed to facilitate life planning conversations with clients.