Pricing your services

David Jones
David Jones, Dimensional
Ruth Sturkey, Non Executive Director, Podcaster & Business Coach

Figuring out the right price to charge for your products and services is a fundamental consideration for anyone wishing to operate a profitable business. In the same vein, clients are always trying to assess whether they are being charged appropriately for the services they receive. 

Now, with the FCA’s proposed introduction of the Consumer Duty rules, advisory firms will be required to assess whether the services they provide for the price they charge can be deemed to represent fair value. Given that the question of perceived value is highly subjective, this presents firms with a number of challenges to their service and business models.

In this webinar David Jones, Head of Dimensional’s UK and Ireland Advisor Group and Ruth Sturkey, a Non-Executive Director of Paradigm Norton Financial Planning and the Vice Chair of the Initiative for Financial Wellbeing will be discussing the impact of Consumer Duty on advisers’ value propositions, with a particular emphasis on pricing.

This workshop is designed to deliver the following learning outcomes:

  • Understand how to price your service
  • Explore the implications of Consumer Duty on the assessment of fair value
  • Discuss how firms can communicate effectively the value of their advice