Schedule, Commit, Complete

David Jones
David Jones

The biggest myth in time management is that time can be managed. It can’t!

We all get the same 168 hours a week to work with. Instead, it is our decisions, and where we choose to place our attention and our energy, which has the biggest impact on our ability to produce the results we want, in the time we have available.

In this webinar David Jones, shares some practical tips, innovative strategies, and simple tools he has gleaned from over 30 years studying the problem of working more effectively. From task prioritisation and combating procrastination, to cultivating a healthy work-life equilibrium, David will provide ideas you can implement immediately to achieve better outcomes, both personally and professionally.

Learning outcomes:

  • Implement effective scheduling techniques using block-time, with a focus on managing choices
  • Understand how to prioritise tasks based on their urgency and significance
  • Discover strategies designed to prevent procrastination, direct your energy productively, and ensure the timely accomplishment of tasks
  • Explore the significance of a blended work-life and learn to manage your personal and professional choices to promote a balance between productivity and job satisfaction