Structuring Effective Client Communication

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David Swanwick
David Swanwick, Head of Client Communications for EMEA, Dimensional Fund Advisors Ltd

Having previously explored the significant value that financial advisers can add to the lives of their clients, this session seeks to provide a robust framework around how advisers can communicate their value and answer client questions effectively and clearly.  This will not just benefit advisers during their first contact and engagement with prospective clients, but it will also aid and bolster their most longstanding relationships.

Furthermore, as effective communication can be more challenging in a virtual environment, this session will also provide some practical tips that will enhance client interaction and experience over virtual formats.

This workshop is designed to deliver the following learning outcomes:

  • It will introduce a powerful and practical framework for effective client communication designed to help advisers turn complexity in to simplicity, from first contact with prospects to ongoing relationships with clients.
  • It will present four major approaches that allow advisers to lead conversations effectively and confidently answer client questions.
  • It will offer practical tips on how to enhance any physical or virtual adviser workspace in order to improve adviser communication.
  • Demonstrate how specific common client questions can be answered using the framework covered in the session.