Technology: Where Do You Start with Client Relationship Management?

Wednesday 14 October 2020
Sarah Challenor
Sarah Challenor, Adviser Outsourcing
David Edwards, Esperto

Client relationships are your lifeblood and the system you use to manage them is vital to your success. Getting it wrong risks erosion of trust and good will amongst both your team and clients. You have to get it right first time and no one size fits all.

In this POWER Webinar, experts David Edwards, Founder of Esperto Business Solutions and Sarah Challenor, Director of Adviser Outsourcing walk you through the process from initial IT strategy to seamless roll out.

Learning objectives, discover

  • Why consistency and clarity are key to the decision-making process
  • How this follows through to a successful migration and implementation
  • What process you can use to select the right system for your firm
  • How you prepare for data migration and keep to legal and data privacy requirements
  • What project planning you can use for success as you implement and embed the new software.