Ten powerful ways to capture and keep your client’s attention

John Dashfield
John Dashfield
Client Centred Advisers

An essential task for financial planners is to make the whole financial planning process highly engaging and compelling for a client. The problem is that your technical skills, no matter how good, contribute little to this.

As Moira Somers PH.D. author of Advice that Sticks said:

“Regrettably, most credentialing programmes for financial professionals seem to operate on the assumption that, once the technical stuff is mastered, the so-called ‘soft skills’, will take care of themselves.”

In this webinar we will explore ten core skills and attributes that you can reliably employ to get the attention of your client or potential client. This immediately begins to create value for your client because it brings to life what can easily be a dry subject.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand what is a powerful first question you can ask in any meeting.
  • Learn the number one thing to avoid that can easily switch a client off.
  • Discover a lesson from one of the greatest financial advisers of all time.

Do not miss out. This could transform the way you do business.