The future is what you make it

How to thrive & survive in the current climate

It’s a challenging time to be the owner of a financial planning business. Costs are rising exponentially, regulation feels out of control and every second adviser seems to be selling up. Throw in market ups and downs and a global pandemic and it doesn’t get much tougher.

Are you going to own the power you do have and take positive action to not only survive but thrive in the coming years? Or will you allow yourself to be controlled by events as they unfold?

Brett Davidson explores what the most robust and profitable financial planning firms are doing to thrive in the current climate.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Find out how most advisers are viewing the current environment (and it’s not good)
  • Discover what the future could look like if you’re willing to re-engage with it.
  • Learn why continuing to push forward in your business might just be the best (and safest) option.