The Last Day: Helping clients transition into retirement

David Jones
David Jones
Ruth Sturkey
Institute for Financial Wellbeing

For most financial planners, preparing their clients for life after work is the most important and valuable service they provide. But retirement is much more than a purely financial challenge. Even when they are financially secure, there are many other considerations that can impact the retiree’s quality of life, ranging from physical and mental health, to the emotional and psychological adjustments needed for the transition into the third age.

In this webinar, David Jones, Head of Dimensional’s UK and Ireland Advisor Group and Ruth Sturkey, a Non-Executive Director of Paradigm Norton Financial Planning and the Chair of the Initiative for Financial Wellbeing, will be discussing how planners can provide a more holistic service to help their clients with the transition into retirement.

This workshop is designed to deliver the following learning outcomes:

  1. Explore how planners can have more impactful conversations with their clients about life after work
  2. Discuss how an understanding of financial wellbeing can improve outcomes for clients
  3. Provide practical tips and advice to help people making a significant transition in their lives