The Most Important Meeting: Building Lasting Client Relationships with Regular Reviews

Andrew Walker
Regional Director, Dimensional
Emily Turgoose
Managing Director, Life Matters

A compelling and engaging review meeting is a one of the financial planner’s most important client interactions. Executed well, it enhances the planner’s relationship with their client and helps them to powerfully demonstrate the ongoing value of their advice. 

In this session, led by Dimensional Regional Director, Andrew Walker, with contributions from some of the UK’s leading planners, we will draw on lessons from Dimensional’s Global Investor Survey to explore the key ingredients of a great client review.

We will cover:

  • How to create a powerful client experience that strengthens the adviser’s relationship with their client and reinforces the value of advice
  • How to monitor the progress of the client’s financial plan, keep them track and deal with changes in their circumstances
  • How to handle the investment questions such as performance, fees and market commentary, and keep control of the agenda

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