The Payback from Better Client Relationships

Brett Davidson
FP Advance

Most advisers shower new prospective clients with lots of love … until they become a client. Then they see them annually for a review.

For the rest of the year, it’s pretty much radio silence or sending generic newsletters created by a publishing house. I’m sorry, but that’s rubbish.

In my 17 years of consulting with some of the UK’s best financial planning firms, I’ve noticed a clear difference in how the great ones nurture and educate their clients.

The payback?

  • Better relationships
  • Deeply engaged clients
  • And a ton of referred work.

In this webinar, Brett Davidson, founder of FP Advance looks at the relationship-building approaches of good vs great firms and the massive difference in return-on-effort the great firms generate.

Learning outcomes

Learn what great firms do when it comes to nurturing relationships. Spoiler alert – it’s simple.

Discover the three most valuable paybacks you create when you build better client relationships

Find out how to build your own communications plan that will take your client relationships (and referred work) to a whole new level.