The power of client segmentation

Kahne Krause
Kahne Krause Dimensional
David Swanwick
David Swanwick Dimensional

The fastest growing adviser firms are most likely to be those defining and segmenting their ideal target clients.* Not only does this include gender, life stage needs, professions, occupations, and interests, it also includes behaviours and values.

Here, Kahne Krause, Head of Client Communities at Dimensional, is in conversation with David Swanwick, Head of Client Communications for EMEA, as they discuss how businesses can think about segmenting their clients based on the many differing client needs. They also focus on segmenting female clients, and how the aligned client service experience can be different. 

Learning objectives:

  • How the best firms are segmenting their clients
  • How the best firms are aligning their client service proposition to focus on the needs of different clients segments
  • Sharing of best practices from other advisers globally

* Insight from Dimensional’s Global Adviser Study, 2021