The Story Behind the Story

By: Andy Hart
Founder & Financial Adviser
Maven Adviser, Humans Under Management, Maven Money Podcast

In this 24 minute video, Andy Hart considers the stories that lie behind successful businesses and what happens when everything points in the right direction. He then considers the story behind the giving of financial advice and the optimimum time to have difficult conversations with clients … before they “climb onto our Ark”.

Andy addresses the two key questions:

  1. What percentage in global equities?
  2. How you behave during temporary declines?
During this session you will learn about:
  • The unique stories behind a small business, a large business and a large finanical business and the secret sauce behind each
  • The secret sauce in the profession of financial advice
  • The noise around fees and asset mis-allocation
  • The need to address these difficult subjects right up front with clients, before they become clients.

This talk was first given at Humans Under Management South Africa, September 2021.

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