What makes you different and why it matters?

Wednesday 29th June 2022, 10am

David Scarlett
David Scarlett, Founder, CEO, Soul Millionaire

In 2018, Ruth Sturkey chaired a PFS Power Live conference in Manchester.

There, she made a pivotal statement I’ll never forget:

“Our technical qualifications are what our clients should expect.
They’re ‘a given’. A hygiene factor!”

If yesterday’s technical aspirations are today’s base line (and they are!)…

What is it that can make YOU stand out tomorrow?

What could be so different about you that it would attract the quality of clients you’d absolutely love to work with?

And how – from the very first meeting – will clients sense that working with you could be a life-changing experience?

Learning outcomes:

  • List the 4 rare components guiding the work of ‘magnetic’ and ‘life-changing’ advisers today.
  • Discuss how to attract clients who seek the kind of difference you’re excellent at delivering.
  • Understand how to build skills and services that help clients accomplish that difference