Why Not to Interrupt

Becca Timmins
Becca Timmins When We Think

In this session, we explore the listening skills needed to achieve more transformational results from your client conversations. We delve into how easy it is to interrupt and why this can prevent deeper thinking. We provide strategies to help you listen more and talk less. We demonstrate how easy it can be to create a space for clients to unlock their thinking and truly explore what’s important to them.

This hour with Becca is an opportunity to learn some practical listening techniques that lead clients to explore things that they have rarely explored before.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the impact of interruptions, and what we and our clients gain if we can avoid them
  • Consider the nature of interruptions in meetings, what they look like and why they happen
  • Learn strategies to reduce interruptions to elevate and deepen planning conversations
  • Consider common challenges and how to overcome them.